Wednesday, March 9, 2011

stupid laptop

First it was the moniter. If you moved or set it down too hard it blacked out. Then you had to close it for a minute and open it again for it to come back.

Then the power cord broke. Good thing my husband had an extra one. (He has an extra everything.)

Then the battery wasn't lasting very long. It's supposed to be a 2-3 hour battery. It would last for like 40 minutes.

Then the battery just stopped charging. I could get 5 minutes out of it without it being plugged in.

My husband is ready to buy me a new one. But it's just more money right when we're about to close on our new house and have things to buy for that.

The moniter seems to be working a little better now. So I'm getting by.

It appears the charge port on the laptop is no longer working. It doesn't register being plugged in.

My husband says I told you so.

Oh, no. Now it says to plug in your computer before the battery dies. It is plugged in!

Now it all goes to black. No more pictures, photoshop, financial books (hello taxes due!)

Stupid crap, totally sucks. I'm hoping to steal one of my husband's 3 laptops. He'd rather buy me a new one. I'm using the kids laptop and it's not working out so well. They keep kicking me off.


  1. Stupid computers!! I wish they'd last long enough to make them worth the money!! I hope you're able to get one working for you soon - no computer = life sucks!