care instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your new pet! If you feed it and care for it well, it will give you love and companionship for a long time and won't mess on your carpet.

If you have other questions that aren't answered here, please contact me. I'll do my best to help. Contact me via my etsy shop.

I love working with leathers and exotic skins, but I am not an expert yet. The instructions given here are only suggestions based on my experience using leather. You can contact your local or online leather store for more advise on keeping your leather looking new.

Most of the leathers and skins I use can withstand getting lightly soiled or wet. Use a leather cleaner meant for the skin of which your bracelet is made. There are many cleaners meant for exotic skins. I like Bickmore Bick 5 for my cow and lamb skins and even some snakes/lizards.

Cuffs, Bangles and Card Cases: These are all silver plated. The back side may become tarnished. Don't use a cloth meant for sterling silver as that will take the plate off. You can use Tarn-X cleaner and polish, or other cleaners made specifically for plating.

White lizard: This skin has a little different finish than the others I've used. Try your cleaner on the back corner before using all over as it may leave a stain.

Gold metallic snake: The gold finish may begin to wear or get rubbed off while wearing it and give it an awesome antique/vintage look.

Peacock feathers: Be careful! These aren't as sturdy and strong as leather. I've done my best to secure the edges, but some light fraying may occur. This is normal, so take care with this piece. Store it in its own bag or small box away from other items that may rub against it.

Watches: All the watches have a clasp on one end so you can change the battery. Clasping them back onto the cuff's hook may be a little tricky but it'll go back together.

Dog collars: The snake skin is wrapped around a cowhide strap. Cowhide is very strong but not completely industructable. These collars may not be suitable for rough, outside dogs or children.

Necktie belts: These are made of vintage neckties. The neckties vary from Polyester, Silk, Acetate, and others. I recommend dry cleaning, though I've used Folex and water for spot removal with success on several ties.