Thursday, September 15, 2011

photography: a new lens

 I don't have much to say today. I haven't been feeling great, have had no energy or motivation to do anything. So I've been sitting around doing little to nothing thinking of all the unfinished projects I have. Which are a lot.

I had a birthday almost 2 months ago and my husband bought me this wide angle macro adapter lens. Which is pretty cool because my favorite sorts of photography are landscapes and close ups. An actual wide angle lens and macro lens would be really expensive so I thought this was worth a try until I can get the real thing. I hadn't touched the new lens until just a couple days ago.

There was this spider web between some rocks and it captured some rain I thought was kind of cool. The macro adapter required me to get extremely close--the lens almost touching the web. Then the auto focus was having a really hard time focusing in. I ended up manually focusing which was also hard because I was scrunched down in the rocks, holding the camera with one hand, focusing with the other, while trying to not fall over. And being scrunched over hurt and got me all sick-like and I was mostly laid up for the rest of the day. (I hate being pregnant.) But I did try out the new lens and while I'm guessing it won't compare to the real thing, it's good enough for now.