Thursday, March 3, 2011

on the fence

Have you heard of Modern Bird Studios? I'm somewhat on the fence on the look of the art they create; I'm not sure it's for me. (Yet I love the idea of painting a photo on wood, or even more so, painting it on acrylic and then attaching it to wood.)

I thought I'd try out the look of the Modern Bird Studio. I don't think I'll be starting a new business anytime soon. Maybe it's just me or my kids, but I think they look kind of goofy-wierd.

So did I get close to the look of Modern Bird Studios? If you had the money to spare, would you purchase one? I'm just not sure!
As I think about it though, I think I would really like something like this next one painted on wood or acrylic. I might have to try that, even if I'm not as good as Modern Bird.

(Actually, I just showed these to my husband and he doesn't like it with people. Landscape only. So, we'll stick with the pier.)


  1. I agree...I like non-peopley things like that better.

  2. I like the pier and landscape ones would be neat, but I don't like the people ones...