Monday, February 7, 2011


I haven't felt much like crafting anything lately. (I don't really consider making subway art on Photoshop "crafty".) Mostly because I'm living in a temporary rental house until we close on our real house in 4-ish weeks. I think this [rental] house stifles my creativeness. Maybe because it has green gingham and yellow sunflower curtains with a matching green and yellow duck valance. Seriously. I wouldn't joke about that.

I'm hoping my new leather gets here soon so I can get back to actual fun things. I also ordered other fun things that you'll see later. Thank goodness for the internet, my closest Joann's is 30 minutes away.

In the mean time I'm having fun looking around at new house things.

Maybe a couple of these for our bathroom. (We'll probably make the bases ourselves.)
Maybe concrete flooring for a change.
I really want this paint in the living room, color to be decided.
I plan on making one of these, not exactly like that, but same general idea.

I looove fixer-uppers.


  1. Where's the pictures of those curtains, dangit?

  2. Very nice ideas! I hope you have fun with them.