Tuesday, February 1, 2011

photograph before and after

This is my friend Kayli. She's living in Switzerland for a couple of years and is very hilarious. She had this picture of herself and her newest baby (#5!). She liked the picture but didn't like all the stuff in the background. I'm so like that. I hate background clutter in pictures.

So, here you go! The side wood panel to the right was a little too small to pick up a decent pattern so I could cover the pictures. I decided to just make it a wall. The table is a little bit not straight but I got tired of messing with it. I took out the highchair on the table and the rug on the bottom right. I love the retro, orange kitchen tiles but covered those and the (oven?) with the dark wood panel (was that a cabinet above the retro tiles?) It's probably not good enough to blow up and hang over the mantel, but good enough for a scrapbook (or a blog), I think.

So, I didn't exactly ask you if I could plaster your picture all over my blog, but you did ask a photoshop person to get rid of the clutter and I did... so really I kind of had permission. Right?


  1. oh nice, Thanks for the quick tip, that actually turned out really cool.

    Bella :)

    Oh, and your friend has 5 kids, dang, she looks good. !!!!

  2. MARGOT! You are the MAN!!! That is so fabulous! Thank you for sharing your awesomeness-- how very generous. It looks so much better, you really did a marvelous job.

    I must admit, I did wonder what the heck was going on when I opened this post in my google reader and saw the pictures of me. I was so confused for a few seconds. :)