Wednesday, February 16, 2011

etsy team arizona

 I recently joined an Etsy team for Arizonans. I found a fairly new one and decided that I'd try to get involved a little. Maybe it would help out with my store...maybe it would just be fun? We'll see. Anyway, the team captain started a team blog and I offered some help. I made several different buttons for her to choose from for the team's use. The first two I took from pictures I had taken while in Fountain Hills, AZ. (Can you think of Arizona without thinking of cactus?) The last is the state flag. All three took less than an hour to make and I really enjoy spacing out in front of Photoshop. She choose the first one--so did my husband.

 Here are the original photos.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I saw the one on the blog, but didn't know you had taken it. Arizona has the best sunsets in the world.