Tuesday, January 25, 2011

thrift store remake: anthropologie skirt

My take on this Anthro skirt.  Mine only cost $4. This isn't much of a tutorial, so you can scroll down to the bottom for the finished product and skip the rest if you want.

Before hand it was long and huge.

I cut it to the new length, saving the bottom excess. I took in one side seam to fit properly and took apart the other.

The skirt had two darts so I used one as my guide and cut down from the dart on the side of the seam I took out. Did that just make sense?

I took the excess fabric from the bottom and sewed it length-wise to the cut-out piece. And then this is where I got kind of stupid. I'm not a super-experienced seamstress. I can follow a pattern and make simple items but when I am free forming it, there's a lot of trial and error. Anyway, I sewed a seam up the length of the cut-out piece on both side. That is, I hand sewed a seam. I don't know why I hand sewed it. It would have been ten times faster to sew a baste stich using my machine. At least ten times fast as I hand sewed and took out several seams that weren't even enough, close enough, or not far apart enough. Stupid stupid.

When I finally had a proper stitch, I gathered the long, cut-out piece to the length of the skirt. I sewed it in place. Then I pinned on the top of the skirt to add a stay stitch. I finished hemming the skirt and it was done.

Finally, my finished product. I love how it turned out. It's definitely my favorite.
(I don't have great lighting in my room, but you get the idea.)


  1. This is a cute skirt! i want to make one! When my baby is out of my belly then i will! :) Thanks for the tutorial!

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  2. Wow Margot! I'm so impressed with your winging it and it turned out super snazzy! Well done!

  3. Ok Margot- this is what I'm talking about! Stop! Or make me one. :-)

  4. Wow! Nice job - and a beautiful skirt!

  5. Hey girl, what a fun skirt. You did a greta job on it, and I love the price tag, he he. Your blog is coming along, I know it's hard at first, BUT, once people catch on to your talents, you will be swamped. :)

    I would LOVE to participate in your free trade advertising, lets do it!!!

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    Bella :)

  6. Fantastic! This looks great. I have those shoes but in red :)

  7. VERY sweet! I love the rouching! Great job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!