Tuesday, January 4, 2011

an anthropologie copy

UPDATE: I finished the necklace with a couple little metal discs. It really finishes off the piece, I think. Continue for the original post.

Does anyone not like Anthropologie? I'm not sure I've met anyone yet who doesn't. They have this sweet little necklace that I thought would be super easy to make.

 And so I did and it was.

I used a combination of leather, ostrich, lizard, python, and alligator skins. I used a grosgrain ribbon, not silk. I didn't have and couldn't find the little brass circles locally so I ordered them online. I'll add them in once they come. I haven't decided if I'll add it to my shop. I may use it as an exclusive for a giveaway I have coming up.

I entered this necklace in the 733blog contest.


  1. Gorgeous!!!!! I think I like your's better than Anthro's!

  2. Please use it for an exclusive giveaway, and them add them to your shop! :) any way you'd be able to make it with some pastel or spring colors? You did a fab job!


  3. I keep coming back to look at this - so fab!

  4. This is gorgeous! Thanks for linking with Sugar & Spice.

    I am also hosting a knock-off contest now through February 12 - feel free to come link up for your chance to win over $100 in prizes!