Tuesday, January 11, 2011

another lifetime

I was born in California and lived there for 14 years.

One Winter in California, probably around 1987-88, I'm on the left. We used to go to the sand dunes, Glamis. This year we took our Christmas tree and burned it. But first we decorated it "Glamis style". Yeah, that's a gas funnel up there on top.

Then I moved to Nevada and lived there for 6 years. I was married in Nevada and graduated from UNLV.

This is January 2001. Obviously, I had just gotten married.

Then my husband and I moved to Indiana for a job. We were there for 9 years. It's cold in Indiana. And it snows there.

Eli on the left in Jan 2010. Zach on the right in Feb 2007.

As of this past weekend, I live in Arizona. Right off of Route 66, Kingman, Arizona. I know, right? Kingman? It has its perks. It's close to Phoenix, California, and Las Vegas. And it has these:

These views were from a little home set on 10 acres of mountain that we toured. We wanted it but decided to put an offer in on a home closer to town. But someday, when the kids are gone, my husband and I will live in the mountains and view the sunset each night.

Everywhere you look there are beautiful mountains. On my way home from the main street of stores, I cross Route 66 and see mountains. Outside our little rental I have a clear view of the sunset over the mountains. And in the early morning when I take Zach to school, I see the sunrise over the mountains. I am going to have to do a picture tour of the area as it is just amazing. Yeah, so, it's Kingman. But it is gorgeous and we're ready to start our next lifetime here.

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  1. Yeah!! I LOVE AZ!! As for things to do - I actually hardly went anywhere when we lived there. School does that to you. If I were you - I'd subscribe to the AZ visitor's bureau - they should send you magazines and emails about all the wonderful things AZ has to offer. Then look up on the BLM site for national parks and such. Maybe the AZ historical society for places of historic importance. And then I'd go to geocaching.com and look up all the earthcaches in your area and the rest of AZ - they'd show interesting places of natural and geological interest. You may want to scope out regular caches as well - some of them are left in interesting places to visit too. Hope that helps!