Monday, December 20, 2010

do you need a bff?

in case you're interested in being mine, here's what you should know:

I like to eat junk food in the middle of the night.
I won't wear fake leather, ever. Yes, I'm kind of a snob.

I don't like feet. Any feet. Your feet, my feet.

I have slight phone anxiety.
I'm shy.

I don't enjoy reading anymore.
Would love to live at the beach.
I take a dvd player wherever I take my 2 year old so he won't scream about being there.

I met my husband online.

I don't care if my kids eat popsicles for breakfast or play in the rain without a jacket.

I forget a lot of important and unimportant things.

I generally have no idea what the heck I'm doing.

Would be happy to just make a few more sales.

I stay up too late and try to sleep all morning while my kids run around crazy.

My husband is usually right. And he knows it.

I won't shop at certain places if I don't like the name of the store.

I don't care much for chick flicks as they are all predictable.

I'm all about proper grammar.

I just started reading Little Miss Momma and am linking up here. Go link up your own.


  1. Loving your list girl! I too forget important and unimportant things, stay up to late, and don't care if kids eat popsicles for breakfast--BUT I do love chick flicks, LOL! And I usually like them BECAUSE they are predictable, hehe!


  2. I don't like feet either & I too let my child run wild in the morning to catch more sleep HA!

  3. I hate chick flicks! I just can't do it. Give me action movies any day :)

  4. I love chick flicks, but I am also one of those people who will let my (future) children run around in the rain with no coat (heck. I never wear a coat) and eat Popsicles anytime they want (ok, maybe once or twice a day, it's just juice..)

    I love your list!!

  5. Don't you hate when husbands are always right?? Mine usually thinks he is. And is for the most part... haha. Thanks for sharing!


    Thanks for linking up at Little Miss Momma! I did too!!

  7. I too hate talking on the phone. I may or may not return most phone calls with an email or text... Lol.

  8. I have been reading alot from the linky party . . .glad to know that there are normal people out there!!

  9. You have many fine BFF qualities. I think we'd make a great BFF team! By the way, cool link up.
    Miss you~

  10. I love chick flicks!! haha but I too stay up way too late and let my kids run around crazy while I try to catch some extra sleep!

  11. I'm glad you only said Jason is USUALLY right, because it's the same way with Brett, but sometimes when we are in an argument I have to yell, "You're not ALWAYS right you know!"

  12. I love sleeping in too, wish my kids were old enough to let me. I would be the happiest parent on the planet if when my kids are teens they sleep in till noon.