Thursday, December 23, 2010

a couple last minute stocking stuffers for daddy

I finally finished Christmas shopping yesterday. It was long and it was hard. I haven't really been in the shopping for lots of "stuff" mood this Christmas. But I did get a few little things for my husband that I'm super excited about.

This ratcheting wrench. Get it at Sears or just Wal-Mart. My husband is an all around fix-it man. From household to cars to his mountain bike and dirt bike. He needs this. And it was only $27.

This sweet little number. It's for your car. The one I got actually has 2 USB ports, becuase 2 is better than 1. They also come in a USB/regular plug combo. Just head to Best Buy, or better yet, Fry's. They range from $10-60. (Fry's has better prices on these.)

This bike seat. It's Troy Lee Designs. It's only his favorite designer for all things mountain and dirt bikes. It's not really a last minute gift unless you have a bike shop close by or want to pay for overnight shipping. My son helped me buy this several weeks ago for daddy. (Bad picture.)
He only wishes, wishes but some items are licensed/patented/copyrighted/whatever and so Santa can't make them.

merry 2 days until Christmas!

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