Wednesday, November 24, 2010

etsy shop sale

I've been reading posts in the Etsy forums thist past week and have learned a bunch of new things. There are some cool sources out there for Etsy that I didn't know about. I just found Etsy on Sale where you can schedule a sale for your shop. I found Craftopolis where you can edit your listings quickly and effectively. And there's so many more! I love finding new ways that make business easier.

Along with all this new found knowledge I've set up a sale in my shop. Starting Nov 24th at 12am until November 30th at midnight. Everything is 15% off.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

photography prints now available

I've hemmed and hawed about this, but finally I've decided to add a few photo prints to my Etsy store. I'm not sure what's kept me, but probably my lack of confidence in my photography abilities. (I might like my photos, but will others? There are so many others that are better than me.) Anyway, I worked on editing a few photos and will start to list them. A few are available now with more to come. I love photoshop and all the awesome effects it has. I wanted to do something a little different than a normal photograph. I even learned how to do the watermark all by myself!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

my leather obsession

If you've ever been to my shop, you may have guessed that I have a slight leather obsession. It's totally under control right now with daily wearing of a leather piece of sorts and heavy medication. I put together a leather treasury on Etsy of a few of my favorites. I'm pretty sure I need those pants. I would wear them grocery shopping, play dates at the park, or on a date night. See? Very versatile and so worth the money!

Friday, November 19, 2010

i'm late, i'm late, i'm late

No, I'm not pregnant. Once again I found out about a craft show going on in Las Vegas right before it is happening, too late for me to join. I found out about this one a few days ago. I quickly emailed them to ask if they may possibly have some space for me, but no reply. Wishful thinking. Then, during the application process to join the Vegas Etsy Team, I came across their blog. The blog had a bunch of dates during November (including tomorrow!!) for craft fairs this month. Whatever. Maybe next year...

Etsy is now allowing sellers to offer coupon codes for their customers. I'm excited about that. Follow me on twitter and tweet me for your 15% off code.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i made a button all by myself

Normally if it has anything to do with html I would make my husband do it if for me. But for some reason I was all like, I can do it myself. And so I did. I designed my button in Photoshop (with husband's input) then used someone else's html code and substituted my info for their's. Now I have a handy-dandy button. Wanna put it on your site for me? I also figured out how to add the code box thanks to these guys. I'm pretty impressed with myself because normally I like to play stupid.


I also have that super cool widget over there that runs through my current shop items. Let me tell you, this much smartness doesn't come around too often. So, all you have to do is copy the code under the picture, paste it into a text box on your blog, and you'll have my super-fancy button on your site.

Monday, November 15, 2010

the queen bee market review

I packed up my car, and headed west. I landed at the Queen Bee Market in Del Mar, CA.

I met lots of great new people.
I met the creators of the market, Jessica of Allora Handmade and her sister/partner, Mique from 30 days.
Erica paid me a great compliment and purchased one of my necktie belts (and looked great wearing it!).
Michelle of Lovely Junque was right next to me. She was so super nice to everyone and had some great products--love, love the bling star fish.
And I have a couple new Arizona besties, Marjory of Elk Dresses and her super-fun pal, Kassie.
Some other Arizona girls were there, Whippy Cake. I love the name; don't you want to go out and get Whippy?

Here are pictures of my booth.

The market was a little slower than I thought it may be but it was my first show, so what do I know? I still had a great time doing it and hopefully it'll boost online business.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

tutorial: christmas advent calender

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

1. Cut out pictures of doors and windows from magazines/catalog. (I used the Pottery Barn Christmas catalog.)
2. Mount the pictures on card stock, cut them out, tape them onto a poster board.
3. Add your countdown numbers to each picture.
4. Tape a little note under each door or window. For my family it's things like: make a treat, read Christmas stories, go on a family outing, invite a friend to play, movie or game night, family or church parties, etc.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

oh, i'm sorry, you haven't met betty lou?

I first got the idea for a duct tape form from Christy Nelson. How cool, I thought. That Christy sure is creative. (What, she didn't come up with that on her own?) Anyway, then someone suggested a dress form for the skirt remake that I did. Blah, blah, do you really need all these details? Get on with it already.

So, I enlisted my husband to help me out. I wanted it to go down to my knees so I could easily measure for length. (I'm wondering right now why I ever purchased pink tights. Did I ever wear them?) (And I sold that awful sofa in the background. I feel so much better about that.)

Seriously, why hasn't anyone made a skirt out of duct tape? Because it's pretty sweet. Oh, they have? What else have they made...?

So, this is Betty Lou. She looks nice, right? Well, she's not; she's a total butt.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

glad you could make it

I'm a little bit off, somewhat crooked, faintly awry, vaguely off centered, and kind of out of line. I am slightly askew. It's who I am, what I am, and how I am.

(My ADHD has decided to start this bloggy-thingy (stupid, incoherent ADHD) so we'll see where it goes and what it turns into. Come on over, bring your friends, stay a while, and enjoy whatever ADHD and I have going on.)