Wednesday, November 3, 2010

oh, i'm sorry, you haven't met betty lou?

I first got the idea for a duct tape form from Christy Nelson. How cool, I thought. That Christy sure is creative. (What, she didn't come up with that on her own?) Anyway, then someone suggested a dress form for the skirt remake that I did. Blah, blah, do you really need all these details? Get on with it already.

So, I enlisted my husband to help me out. I wanted it to go down to my knees so I could easily measure for length. (I'm wondering right now why I ever purchased pink tights. Did I ever wear them?) (And I sold that awful sofa in the background. I feel so much better about that.)

Seriously, why hasn't anyone made a skirt out of duct tape? Because it's pretty sweet. Oh, they have? What else have they made...?

So, this is Betty Lou. She looks nice, right? Well, she's not; she's a total butt.


  1. That is seriously awesome. I finally threw out my duct tape boobs. They (the duct tape boobs--not my real ones) were starting to sag something fierce (more than normal!). I have a better bra now so maybe I'll make a full-body one! ;)