Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i made a button all by myself

Normally if it has anything to do with html I would make my husband do it if for me. But for some reason I was all like, I can do it myself. And so I did. I designed my button in Photoshop (with husband's input) then used someone else's html code and substituted my info for their's. Now I have a handy-dandy button. Wanna put it on your site for me? I also figured out how to add the code box thanks to these guys. I'm pretty impressed with myself because normally I like to play stupid.


I also have that super cool widget over there that runs through my current shop items. Let me tell you, this much smartness doesn't come around too often. So, all you have to do is copy the code under the picture, paste it into a text box on your blog, and you'll have my super-fancy button on your site.

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