Monday, July 23, 2012

bathroom progress

 So much is going on over here. My house is completely torn up and there is so much ADHD bouncing around that I'm losing my sanity. We tore out the spare bathroom to (some) studs, added a new tub with new backerboard walls and a super fancy niche, patched walls, and painted. We started this sometime in April and have all been sharing the master bath since then. We went to Vegas to pick out all our new tile sometime in May and the past couple of weeks we have started laying it all. It goes so slowly when we can only do a couple of hours at night and have 3 kids running about.

new cast iron bathtub. it was very heavy.

where the mirror was. the rectangle hole on the left was the medicine cabinet which will have a cool new tile feature at some point.

 patched the wall behind the old mirror.

 textured the patch job to match the wall.

the new wall around the new tub.

the fancy-schmancy shower niche J built for our kids' fancy-schmancy shampoo and such.

Don't you want to see the before?? It's just so ugly I can hardly stand it!

We still need to lay a few more tiles, grout, put in bath/shower faucet, add the toilet and sink, install hardware, a new light fixture and mirror. I have yet to find a light fixture I really like. We have so many other projects we're working on and I'm so tired most of the time it's hard to work on things during the day. I'm hoping to do more with the blog as I have so much I want to share. Hopefully I can get to that point.

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  1. I wouldn't say it was ugly, but it certainly was DARK! My son remodeled both my bathrooms, one last year and the other one this year. I actually enjoy going in either now! Best wishes that it's finished soon for you.