Tuesday, July 5, 2011

home remodel wish list: splash pool

I just noticed a new show on HGTV. It's called My Yard Goes Disney. I thought that would be an awesome show for my family. It would be sweet to have a big ol' crew come in and just knock out the perfect backyard, but I'm not holding my breath (and I'm not forking out the money when J and I are perfectly capable of doing it ourselves.) My yard is currently a large span of weeds and dirt. We've been making plans for extending the patio, rubber mulch for under the kids play set, and artificial grass for a play area. We also love the idea of this sunken trampoline.

part of my sad backyard and miniscule patio

Anyway, I saw a recent episode of My Yard Goes Disney were they install this little splash pool as part of the pirate's adventure backyard. I think it's perfect. It's only 18" deep and kind of like a big awesome pond in your yard. This is a pool we could build ourselves, drain in the winter without stressing about the cost to refill it once it warms up, and wouldn't worry about drowning kids. J is actually on board with it.

Ours wouldn't be anywhere near as elaborate as this one. And we have to price it out to see if it's even feasible. Those are working water cannons for about $800. (I'm thinking my kids won't be so lucky to have three on their splash pool, or even one.) We won't have a pirate's ship, stone walls or a million plants to kill water, but I think it'd still be cool. My kids are happy with the blow-up pools from Wal-Mart so I think they'd be thrilled. Would your kids mind if they only had a little mini pool and not a big full-size one?


  1. I think a splash pool would be AWESOME! Also, my brother has a sunken trampoline and his boys love it! Can't wait to see pictures when you get it all done...

  2. I think that's a great idea. I talked to my husband about building something like that too. Can't wait to see what you come up with