Wednesday, June 1, 2011

picking a paint color

I'm not very good when it comes to picking out just the right paint color. I over think, second guess, and spend too much time and end up sorry about half the time. We're painting our house. It has horrible green garage doors and trim. I already painted the front door--it was green as well. At first we were thinking of going with the lightest one with the dark brown for the architectural pop-outs (I'm not sure of the technical term) and trim. (The white on the front door will be on the garage also. Eventually we'll get a nice front door.) But we decided we didn't really want to go with the safe color. Then we thought the opposite, using the dark brown for the house and light tan for the pop-outs. But maybe that would make the house too hot in the summer?
The brown next to the left of the tan was a little too doo-doo brown for us. Next to that on the far left is a decent brownish-taupe while the one on the bottom ended up a little too gray for our brown roof. So if you were painting your house, what would you do?

The pop-outs are around the windows and doors, top and bottom of the column, and around the bottom of the house. We're thinking of doing a slate or stone along the bottom of the house under the pop-out.
We're also working on replacing all the light fixtures in and out of the house. The silver fixture on the very right of the picture next to the small window is new. My husband picked them out and he really likes them. Apparently I told him I didn't care, but they're ok and weren't as expensive as what I would pick out like this or this. And if he's happy, then it's cool. And why are good ceiling fans that aren't $500 or more so hard to find?

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  1. well, I am leaning towards the dark brown as you said the brown-grey doesn't match the roof color. Mike thinks you should do orange. Hazard-Cone Orange. :-)